V.Kyriazopoulos. Traditional Pottery Collection

The collection includes 800 objects created mainly around the first decades of the 20th century.The collection items constitute a representative sample of pottery production in Greece. They come from almost all the pottery production centers in Greece and Cyprus as well as major production centers in the Asia Minor area, where pottery flourished before 1922.

The exhibition on the ground floor houses mainly ornamental items from five prominent ceramists:Minas Avramides, Makarios Vardaxis and Demetris Mygdalinos, from Asia Minor, Nikolaos Theodorou from Sifnos and Nikolaos Giasiranis from Rhodes.

The exhibition on the upper floor includes a series of ceramic utility objects used in daily activities at home and at work.The exhibition items present a wide variety in their form according to their usage, the needs they served and the particularities and unique traditions of each area. The objects are arranged according to their geographical origin.