The Bread we Break: Heroes and Symbols of 1821

24 June 2021 - 31 December 2022

New Temporary Exhibition Building – Museum of Modern Greek Culture



The Museum of Modern Greek Culture celebrates the 200-year anniversary from the outbreak of the Greek Revolution and inaugurates its new temporary exhibitions building inMonastiraki, with the exhibition “The Bread We Break: Heroes and Symbols of 1821”.


The Museum of Modern Greek Culture, with the collaboration of art historian, Luisa Karapidaki, presents an exhibition where the paintings of Yiannis Adamakis and the poems of Michalis Ganas meet the rich collections of the Museum, with the aim to understand the impact of 1821 on ourselves, the ways in which 1821 is alive within us and around us, as a key element of memory, identity, perception and image.


Artifacts from the MMGC’s collections, as well as three items from the Tatoi Collection, find their place next to paintings and poems within the exhibition environment:figures of heroes, flags, fustanellas and tsarouchia, weapons and ships, embroidery, votive offerings, woodcarvings, shadow theater puppets, household and celebration objects. Interspersed amongst them are emblematic contemporary references from the poetry of Michalis Ganas and the visual narratives of Yiannis Adamakis. From this saturation of artifacts, poems and paintings historical references emerge, places and events, heroes known and unknown, national symbols, enduring fragments of historical memory but contemporary figures as well. Heroes and Symbols, our own antidoron for 1821, constitute the basic elements of our view for the recent past and highlight our relationship with "great" historic events, within the shortness of human life.


Duration: 24 June 2021-30 June 2022

The exhibition will be extended until the 31st December 2022.

Location: New Temporary Exhibitions building, 9 KladouStr., Monastiraki
Opening hours: 8:30-15:30, daily except Tuesdays
Information: 210 3249698 Eleni Papathoma, Despina Karveli